Behringer's X32 OSC Implementation is a bit Quirky

While playing around with my Behringer X32 Rack, I stumbled upon some quirks. Setup I want to use an half-broken old iPad to control my personal monitoring settings and mute my microphone. I want one button to mute the microphone while holding it, and one button to permanently mute the microphone. For personal monitoring, I use two of the AUX outputs, which I have linked to a stereo pair. So if you adjust the volume of one of those channels, both are updated simultaneously.

Pitfalls when Setting up a Turn Server for BigBlueButton

In this post I want to collect some problems I stumbled over while administrating a BigBlueButton during the last year. Most of this post is based on BBB 2.2, but should be applicable for BBB 2.3 as well. It is created in the hope, that others may not expirience the same misery I experienced while troubleshooting some nasty problems with my setup. But let’s start at the beginning. Turn – A Solution for a Problem, that shouldn’t Exist Let’s imagine an optimal world.

[Fixed] On Mikrotik OpenVPN Security

I use MikroTik Routerborads quite a lot on remote sites to establish a secure tunnel to connect to internal services remotely (for example for employee time clocks). I like using OpenVPN because it is simple to configure and supports both, L2 (tap) and L3 (tun) secure (encrypted) tunnels. MikroTik’s Routerboards on the other hand are quite cheap and are providing a neat “black box” appliance which can easily handed to people with no IT experience.